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VLife Presentation Page:

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Final Logo Font Options :

Logo Option 4 :

Finalized Logo Option 3:

Finalized Logo Option 3 :

Final Logo Option 3 MockUp:

Final Logo Option 3:

Logo Design Option 2 MockUp:

Logo Option 2:

Logo Design Option 1 Revised MockUp:

Logo Option 1-Revised:

Logo Design Option 1 MockUp:

Logo Option 1-Color-2

"Made With Love by ADXL Graphic Studio"

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Design Feedback

You can give us design feedback by clicking any of the below mode of communication or simply just by live chat or comments & we will provide you revised designs as soon as possible.

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Call for feedback & changes for the above designs:

+91 8488088258

E-Mail for feedback & changes for the above designs:

Monday-------------9.00 - 21.00
Tuesday-------------9.00 - 21.00
Wednesday---------9.00 - 21.00
Thursday-----------9.00 - 21.00
Friday---------------9.00 - 21.00
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